The concept of "Hilarious Hitlists" is to offer you an enormous diversity of all sorts of crazy, funny or different Top 10 lists of (pop)songtitles. Everybody is invited to rank titels or add new songtitles for specific lists. You even can add complete new lists. Underneath youŽll learn how to add new songtitles:

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Songtitle Artist
1 Smoke gets in your eyes BLUE HAZE
2 Another cup of coffee MIKE & THE MECHANICS
4 Burn baby burn SIMONE STARKS
5 Little fluffy clouds THE ORB
6 Up up and away THE BELOVED
7 Still on fire AZTEC CAMERA
8 Dust in the Wind KANSAS
9 Time to burn STORM
10 WeŽll sweep out the ashes in the morning BENNIE JOLINK

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How to add new songtitles:

  • Always make sure that all information is correct and correctly spelled.

  • Mail your list to:

How to influence a specific Hilarious Hitlist:

  • Copy the excisting Hitlist;

  • Delete unnecessary info (like contents of kolomns 2, 3 & 7);

  • Change the order of titles at will;

  • Add at least 3 new songtitles (overwrite existing titles).

How to add a new Hilarious Hitlist:

  • Copy an excisting Hitlist;

  • Define a new theme and if necessary a new category by overwriting existing (as short as possible);

  • Delete unnecessary info;

  • Put 10 new songtitles with artists in order from 1 to 10 (overwrite existing).

TopSelected will screen and categorize the songtitles and lists and place them online if theyŽre usable. YouŽll always get a reaction by mail before and/or when the songtitels are published.