Site Map: is a personal site of George Tops. If you want to know more about me you can click "Me, Myself & I" in the top menu. The top menu helps you to quickly open menus on the left at any time. is a site for creative pop-music lovers, cd-collectors, DJ's and fans. This site is non-commercial, but to make it affordable I hope you'll buy one or more of the objects I sell on eBay (the world's online marketplace).

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Here is an enormous diversity of all sorts of crazy, funny or different Top 10 lists of (pop)songtitles.



This is the place for cd-collectors to shop around in my personal eBay-store named "TopSelected".


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Lots of pictures of all sorts of events. Mostly about music or gay happenings.


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Watch me grow old!

Globetrotter George. Holiday snaps from a few of the places I've been.

Don't take yourself too serious.

Here is al the information you need to contact me.